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Systems and methods for picture based communication

US 8712780 B2

A picture based communication system and mechanisms of implementation thereof allowing for rapid translation of picture based input into words or sentences of a previously chosen output language. Communication systems may be incorporated on PCs, mobile devices or may be a software running on a remote system which allows for language-independent messages to be constructed, which can be de-constructed into any language on the receiver's side. Mechanisms of implementation would also be of assistance in allowing people with language difficulties, dyslexia or illiteracy to communicate effectively.

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Method and apparatus for software simulation

US 8494832 B2

A software simulation method and program storage device for software defect detection and obtaining insight into software code is disclosed, where simulation consists of executing target software program code for multiple input values and multiple code paths at the same time, thus achieving 100% coverage over inputs and paths without actually running the target software. This allows simulation to detect many defects that are missed by traditional testing tools. The simulation method runs a plurality of algorithms where a plurality of custom defined and pre-defined rules are verified in target software to find defects and obtain properties of the software code.

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Social media platform for providing interactive services

US 20110161167 A1

Embodiments herein provide for a social media platform through a service delivery platform (SDP) using which users or group of users can plan and schedule consumption of services, and plan and manage events. Embodiments herein allow for automatic integration of SDP with user calendar information and user profile information to enable efficient and effective planning of day to day activities. Users and service providers may register themselves in the SDP, and the SDP provides a social media platform for users to engage and transact.

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Detecting duplicate records

US 8838549 B2

A method for finding duplicates by matching group of fields in records is disclosed. The method comprises standardizing data using field specific knowledge base; extracting at least part of one or more related fields of records; applying a matching attribute function to generate keys on the “comparable” field part extracted data; generating record level keys using generated field level keys; clustering the records based on generated record level keys; identifying reference record for each cluster identified; and calculating matching percentage for each record in a cluster with respect to reference record of the cluster. Devices and systems are disclosed that enable the method for finding duplicates.

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Method and system to enable domain specific search

US 7822732 B2

A method and a computer system to enable domain specific search is disclosed. The present invention enables creation and sharing of domain specific search scripts, where search intelligence relating to domain and search engines is encapsulated in a parameterized domain specific search script. The system provides a customizable knowledge base to be used to configure the parameters specific to a chosen domain. Users can parameterized search scripts and configure search scripts according to their search needs. Users can use search scripts to perform complex domain specific searches by specifying input search string and without having to worry about refining results. The system uses the parameterized search scripts and configuration information along with user input search string to build search engine independent and search engine dependent queries from one or more search engines to provide relevant results to user.

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Social collaborative decision-making platform for shopping

US 20140278862 A1

The proposed embodiment provides a method and system for social collaboration and providing curated content for decision-making. The method includes creating a list for purchasing product(s) by a user and sharing the list with a plurality of users. Further, the method includes receiving product suggestions and curated content associated with the products from the plurality of users/sources, adaptively displaying the curated content to the user for decision-making, and allowing the user to purchase the product(s) based on the decision-made.

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Multimedia Management for Enterprises

US 20120185922 A1

The embodiments herein disclose a unified method of managing multimedia content in an enterprise using a system that is responsible for streaming, efficient storage, archival, analytics, authentication, creating, editing, sharing, broadcast, and encoding of the content. A unified multimedia appliance is provided within an enterprise cloud, and can provide a single interface for all users across multiple locations within an enterprise. The unified multimedia appliance provides a single appliance or software solution for managing multimedia needs of an enterprise. The appliance provides the convenience of a public cloud based service, but with enhanced security and control over the media content being used and distributed within the enterprise. This appliance could be hosted either inside the enterprise datacenter (private cloud) or could be hosted in the public cloud.

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Systems and methods to detect cross reads in RFID tags

US 8854190 B2

Systems and methods to detect cross reads in RFID tags are disclosed. Existing RFID reading mechanisms do not have the provision of detecting cross reads and eliminating the cross reads while performing inventory of an area. As a result, the user will have to manually determine the cross reads from the data and eliminate them. The disclosed method employs a RFID reader that is equipped with a plurality of engines for performing scan on the inventories. The scanned data is processed by a processing unit. In the processing unit, normalization is performed on the scanned data, neighboring assets and spatial location maps are created. The data from the above processes is employed for detecting cross reads during the scan. The identified cross reads are eliminated based on various other parameters obtained by analyzing scanned data.

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Comprehensive multimedia management platform

US 20140123028 A1

The embodiments herein relate to multimedia content management and, more particularly, to management of multimedia content in any data communication network such as an enterprise network. Any authorized user may create content using a content creation option provided with the system. The content creation modes may be audio, video, images and so on. Further, the created content is hosted on a server associated with the enterprise network. Further, the user can share the content hosted on the server using various mediums such as email, instant messages, social networking websites and so on. A user can request for specific content stored in the server. Upon receiving the content access request from the user, the system checks whether the user is authenticated to access the requested content or not. Upon verifying authenticity of the user, the system streams the requested content to the user using an associated streaming platform.

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Collaborative Social Event Planning and Execution

US 20110258125 A1

Collaborative social event planning and execution is disclosed. The embodiments herein relate to event planning and, more particularly, to collaborative event planning. In existing event planning schemes do not satisfy the requirements of users as there are no means to personalize the planning to suite the requirements of the user. They have a predefined template for each event and anything other than the template cannot be implemented. The collaborative social event planning mechanism provides a mechanism wherein users may plan any kind of event as per his choice. The method allows flexible planning environment to create event plans, create templates to suit user's requirement and also share it with others. The content and templates are community generated. Also, allows for multi-device mobile access. There is dynamic collaboration among event managers and collaborator teams. In addition, the method provides a unique monetization model and facilitates sponsors, advertisers to display their content.

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Method and Apparatus for Video Search and Delivery

US 20110099195 A1

The embodiments herein disclose a comprehensive system and process of archiving, indexing, searching, delivering, ‘personalization and sharing’ of sports video content over the Internet. The method comprises steps of providing search friendly sports video content, said method comprising steps of identifying logical events and segmenting said one or more videos into a plurality of video segments based on pre-defined criteria; generating quantitative and qualitative meta data for said video segments; storing said video segments along with said quantitative and qualitative meta data; receiving a query from a user with one or more keywords; analyzing said query from said user to extract meta data for searching relevant video segments; obtaining relevant video segments based on said generated meta data from said keywords of said query; presenting said relevant video segments as a result set.

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