Eligibility of software patent claims in US in view of DDR Holdings, LLC v. Hotels.com, L.P.

Status: Completed
Date/Time: Tuesday, January 6, 2014; 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM IST (Approx. 1 hr)

Indian Patent

Event Details:

Bilski and Alice have set the standard of review required in assessing eligibility of patent claims aimed at software based inventios. As it stands, business methods and software based inventions are not barred from patent eligibility as such. However, a case by case approach to review eligibility of claims directed to such subject matter has increased uncertainity overall.

Federal Circuit (FC) decision in DDR Holdings, LLC v. Hotels.com, L.P. (DDR) held that software patent claims are patent eligible. In this session, we will try to deconstruct this case and compare to previous cases to better understand the position of US with respect to software patenting.

Take Aways:

I. Review Bilski and Alice decisions

II. Review DDR in view of Bilski, Alice and other recent decisions

III. Summarize current position with some examples

Speaker: Arun Narasani, Founder, ipMetrix Consulting Group

Video: Recorded video will be posted soon.

Image by opensource.com available here, CC BY-SA 2.0